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Duplicating the Portfolio Template

  • Joe

    Once you assign the Portfolio page template to a page a new "Portfolio Settings" box is available below the edit post... http://cl.ly/Riwg

    This enables you to not only customize how the items are displayed but also which groups to pull from.

    You create sub groups so that each portfolio page will have seperate filtering links. For example, you could have a Photography group with Weddings, Nature and Landscapes as sub groups. Then select to show Photography as the group in the portfolio settings and you now have a Photography-specific portfolio page.

    October 2, 2013

  • Paul Jansen
    Hi, I would like to duplicate the portfolio template so I can use it on another page but to show different content and groups. I know I can assign the portfolio template to any page but then it uses the same content as applied to that template. Many thanks, Paul.

    October 2, 2013

   Created  October 2, 2013
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